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Honor the Ancestors


As the veil thins, the time for honoring our ancestors draws near. It is the season of celebrating what has passed- and with it, what will come- which invites us to to gather amidst the glow of the fire and the sounds of drums. The sabbat approaches, and around the world millions will come together to celebrate the turning of the wheel. 

We invite all to join us at The Grove at Owl Hill, where we too will take on that ancient tradition. A Druid led group ritual will be held to honor the ancestors, all paths are welcome to join in the circle. After the ritual, we will partake in our feast. Please consider bringing a dish to share with your ancestors and the community. All are advised to bring their own cups and chairs. From there, the fire will be lit and we will drum, dance, and sing through the night in the company of our ancestors. 

The cycle continues, and together may we dance through the year- celebrating the cycles of life as they come. All may join us here in joyful worship of the season of harvest, the ancestors, and the transition of men and gods from life to what is beyond. 



Pricing for the event is $10.00 per attendee. $5.00 if you bring a dish to share.


Saturday November 9th 2019 4pm to 10pm 

No rain date

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 Celebrate the thinning of the veil with drumming, fire, and feasting!

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