Private invite only

Frey Bridge


Entrance into the Field

We need a way to get on and off the field with vehicles, so we're building a driveway. 

Bury Culvert Pipe

We have to dig down and bury a galvanized culvert pipe to allow proper drainage from the roadway.

Cover Pipe with Gravel

We need several inches of gravel to cover the culvert pipe.  The driveway needs to be to able to allow access of large service vehicles.

Plant Posts

To keep the law on our side, we need to plant two posts and hang a chain with a no trespass sign.  We do plan on decorating the posts and to hang a lantern during events.

Frey Bridge


To honor

Because of the generosity of one of our kindred, we were able to start construction and complete the access onto the parking area.  

The access shall forever be known as the "Frey Bridge" (pronounced FRY)


Portable Toilet Space

Events need a place for people to do what people do. we've created a space to put them