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A Celebration of the Solstice

June 19-20, 2020



Welcome and Merry Meet


Celebrate the Summer Solstice

The St. Mary’s County Pagans are inviting you to attend our annual Midsummer Festival.

We offer a relaxed atmosphere for people of all paths to gather in a safe environment for a weekend of worship, workshops, and fun.  

Join in the magic of the season with us! 

  • Eclectic Wiccan Ritual by the Circle of the Silver Raven 
  • Heathen Blot & Sumbel
  • Main Ritual by the Druids of Terra Coven
  • Games- Jomswikinger, and Tafl
  • Bardic Circle
  • LARP Melee Competition
  • Drum Circles and Fire Dancing

Located in Park Hall, MD- Approximately 2 hours from D.C.; Alexandria, VA; or Baltimore, MD.

New site provided by the Grove at Owl Hill, which has opened up a portion of their farm as a place for all pagans to come together for festival and feasting. This site currently hosts monthly drum circles and will soon be available for other groups to use for their worship and rituals.

Saturday night will include a potluck for attendees. Bring a dish and share in the community feast!



Workshop of the Gods


 Custom Wood work, boxes, cabinets, wands, goblets, bowls 

knives,  axes, utensils, armor, wine bottle holders, throwing knives, bolts,  spears, cooking tripods, hooks, camping Implements, shackles, shields  and shield components. 

The Spiders Masque


A collection of hand woven intricate shiny bits and baubles, furs, and other really cool stuff.  Where the macabre meets fashion.

Champion of Fate


Ever wish you could battle it out like they did in medieval times?  Now you can. Safely and enjoyably. 

Phoenix Rising Apothecary


Full Service Apothecary from Dunkirk, MD. Herbs, spices, stones, gems, obelisks, spheres, and skulls. 

Aries Apothecary


Full service apothecary from Virginia Beach, VA. Henna artist, Reiki, Rootworker,  spiritual coach and more. 



B.Y.O.B. event. Please no glass bottles.



If you'd like to vend at our event, click below to contact our staff.



There is no food vendor. Bring a dish and be part of the Community Feast.


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We look forward to a merry meet!

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